santa barbara portraits

In 2009, I asked a few friends studying in Santa Barbara (CA) to choose a short text of any kind, preferably in their native language.

Each of them was filmed while copying the chosen text by hand and then I recorded their voices reading the same text.

The following portraits are made of their writing hands and speaking voices, variously processed. Please click on the signatures to watch the videos.

noemie chris carla
helena luis mike
paola marco marion

Pietro Dossena: sound editing / sound recording / video shooting

Daniele Grosso: video editing / color correction / animation

Sound samples: original recordings and (acclivity, anton, arclegend05, benboncan, blimp66, cgeffex, dobroide, felix-blume, gcmax, herbertboland, joedeshon, louis94, man, martian, simon-rue, soundscalpel-com, UATaudio)

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