critical editions

Critical edition of Gaetano Pugnani’s oratorio La Betulia liberata. IMSLP – Petrucci Music Library // SCORE

New edition of the libretto of Manuel de Falla’s operas El amor brujo and La vida breve. Program notes. Madrid: Teatro de la Zarzuela, 2012. // FULL TEXT

With Lucia Sartori: Critical edition of the libretto of Manuel de Falla’s incomplete opera Fuego fatuo. Granada: Archivo Manuel de Falla, 2011. // EXCERPT

2 responses to “critical editions

  1. Dear Dr. Pietro Dossena
    Having just come across your edition of “La Betulia liberata”, I would like to drive your attention for the project editing one of the operas by Pugnani preserved in Portuguese archives, Demetrio a Rodi, using the Wiki-score platform ( designed for cooperative on-line editing of large scores.
    Everybody who is able to read a 18c score is welcome to contribute (instructions for log in can be found in the website of the platform).
    As a specialist, your contribution would be particularly welcome regarding some difficulties in interpreting the ms score.
    Yours sincerely

    J.N. Oliveira

  2. HI. On Facebook, Jacopo Tore is a musician who wish to create a publishing house for to edit unpublished italian chamber music scores from XVII th to XIX th. Would You collaborate for the opera omnia about Pugnani?

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